Welcome to Billy-Jean Marketplace!

Billy-Jean Marketplace is an online image marketplace, where everyone is entitled to upload and sell their own images and photography. Whilst exploring the vast variety of images that are uploaded currently by other individuals that one can also buy for their own personal use.


Regardless, Billy-Jean Marketplace is still undergoing construction and will have various more features implemented in the future to make our marketplace more accessible and user-friendly.


For now, upload your photos and shine! Show your work to the world and get recognition and value for your beautiful artworks.

Meet The Team

Meet the team and know what they do and love!

Billy-Jean Raad

Founder, CEO, Photographer

Art Director. Excellent Photographer. Idea Generator. Gets distracted by Squirrels.

Dihann Weber Willemse

Full Stack Developer & Graphic Designer

Primary language is binary. Elon Musk wannabe. VFX Enthusiast.


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Want to know more about us?

Hello there! We'd like to give you a warm welcome to our brand new established photography marketplace.


If you're one of the few individuals that matriculated and were a part of the photoshoot, you are entitled to select 10 complementary free images as per your mini session booked. To get your 10 free images, please contact our support on 067 137 3281. 

Also, please don't hesitate to use our live chat on the website if you have any questions and/or concerns. We'll be more than willing to assist you! 

Billy-Jean Photography Team.